February Social

For our meeting in the month of February, instead of a guest speaker. A committee comes up with an idea for the meeting and plans it. This year the theme was "Test Your Memory". For this activity, the memory and knowledge of our members were tested. The expression on the faces of our members when they heard about the game was priceless. Not only were we asking them to think at 8.00 p.m. but we were asking them to remember information as if they were back at school. But they rose to the challenge and surprised themselves by their superlative performances.

For the game, the topics were Famous Gardens, Medicinal Plants, Tropical and Climate and Romantic.

For each topic, photos of 12 plants were labelled and placed on poster boards. The boards were visually stunning.

After a sumptious hot meal (our first at a monthly meeting), teams were formed. Rotating around the room, each team studied a board, return to their seats where, as a group, they "took the test", which was to recall thr plants on each of the boards.

For the second part of the game, they were given information and had to match the information with the plants on the board.

There was hard thinking, some frustration and much laughter as the groups worked. Members said afterwards that they enjoyed the exercise and got to know each other better.

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