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Committee Members and Responsibilities 

Club Organization

Officers 2022-2023

Co Presidents:

   Carolyn Balinskas and Judy Wester     


   Deborah Sargent                            


   Kelley Cronin


2022-2023 Committees


   Brina Wolpe(chair), Ceil Robinson, Arlene Miller,

  Barbara Simmons, Daphne Smith Hillary Sullivan and Pam              Nyangoni

Annual Dinner

   Louise Savary, Carolyn Balinskas

Civic Development: 

   Amanda Shepard (chair), Carol Warren,  Karen Nolte, Deborah         Sargent, Daphne Smith, Jane Eyler, Mary Lauve, Judy Wester


   Judy Artley

Garden Therapy: 

   Marie Sylva (chair), Louise Savary, Alison McCrone, Kathy             McInnis


   Carolyn Balinskas (chair), Arlene Miller, Pam Nyangoni


   Louise Savary



May Plant Swap: (2)



   Lisa Sargent and Ceil Robinson


   Louise Savary, + 2 Open

Plant Sale: 

   Aimee Siers (chair), Carol Warren, Rose Kams, Allison McCrone,     Kathie McInnis, Liz Tobin, Deborah Sargent, Daphne Smith, Ceil     Robinson


   Pam Nyangoni (chair), Judith Artley

Sunshine Fund: 

   Alison McCrone

Wayside Inn: 

   Grace DiCenzo (chair), Louise Savary, Judy Wester,

   Gloria Erickson, Kathy Antonellis, Liz Tobin, Kathy McInnis

Website Coordinator: 

   Pam Nyangoni


   Deborah Sargent 

Member Responsibilities

ALL CLUB “Everyone”  

Hospitality (alternating years or as needed)
Hostess: (arrive EARLY & follow “Hostess Instructions”), get box to next hostess
Bakers: bake 1 or 2 items, arrive early, assist with setup and cleanup

Plant Sale and Plant Contributions

Each active member should expect to donate either a minimum of 10 good sellable plants or a monetary equivalent to the annual plant sale. New members without extra garden plants, or anyone unable to fulfill this, please consult with Plant Sale committee for other ways to contribute to our primary fund-raiser. This is how we pay for programs and rent and most expenses etc...

Club Participation

In addition to hospitality every other year, voting when required, and donating to the plant sale annually, every active member should volunteer for one (or more) committee per year or participate in additional activities such as club civic Description/Duties when possible.

Officers: 2020 - 2021




Positions and Responsibilities: 2020 - 2021

Compile and distribute a written monthly communication to ALL club members (generally via email unless they do not have email).

Keep track of budget. Suggest improvements whenever necessary.  Communicate deadlines for publication and gather content from appropriate sources. Send copy to GCFM.
Website Coordinator
Create (and/or update) club website with content.  
Demonstrate some functionality to members if required.  Protect member privacy but add public content to encourage membership as well as guest at our programs. Train other members to add content if necessary.
Keep track of budget.  
Compile a brief annual summary for historian.  Suggest improvements whenever necessary.  Send and file appropriate copies.

Present ideas or information to club related to Conservation. 
Act as contact for topics or meeting presentations.  Participate in conservation fundraisers such as Penny Pines.

Wayside Inn
Train and encourage new members and coordinate any club workshops and/or meetings needed for the project.  
Meet with Wayside Inn and coordinate budget/reimbursement for project.
Garden Therapy
Organize a visit the Countryside Nursing Home in Framingham as part of an effort to help the community. 

Coordinate dates and times for our visits.  Solicit help from ALL members.  Train and encourage new members.  Develop a theme and activity for the visits.  Make sure helpers are prepared.  Organize sugar free refreshments. Keep track of budget.
Civic Development
This committee tends the front gardens at Framingham Village Hall for the Framingham History Center. 
They also take care of Simpson Park located near the Fenwick Street Bridge on Central Street.

Annual June Dinner

Plan our annual dinner for all members – keeping within budget.Arrange installation of new officers.

February Social
Plan & organize the activities for the annual social evening.  Work with hostess and bakers. Keep track of budget.

Keep club records – collect chairpersons’ reports at end of year and assemble a summary for the year to read at the June annual dinner.  
File reports.  Remember things.
Invite people who express interest in the club to potluck supper. Create and bring name tags and brochures to meetings. Call members who have not come to a meeting to invite to the next meeting. Welcome new members with a gift and announcement. Introduce new members to other members and encourage and answer questions. Keep track of budget.
Update Club By-laws
Update the club by-laws with input from the board members.

The nominating committee presents the slate of nominees in the newsletter prior to the April meeting and the chair of the nominating committee presents the slate of prospective officers to the membership at the April meeting.


Publicize club programs and activities as needed. Remind officers of upcoming deadlines and suggest new ideas or improvements if needed. Keep good records and track the budget.

Plant Sale Committee
Plan and organize the annual plant sale,. Reserve date for sale (a year in advance usually) and coordinate publicity. Encourage full participation. Design other revenue enhancements for the event (such as raffles) if possible. Coordinate setup, cleanup and pricing and transportation of plants. Reserve petty cash for change.

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