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 Greetings from the President ... 

As we begin a new year for Pinefield Garden Club, we continue to be faced with the challenges connected with the pandemic.  Most of us are now quite capable of using Zoom, and we’ve had regular meetings and board meetings using that technology.  Our programs for the upcoming year will rely more on club members presenting their expertise in short presentations, as we continue with our mission of “stimulating interest in horticulture and expanding our knowledge of gardening for the benefit of our community”.  We have also discovered that some “outside” speakers have adjusted their programs to current technology, so we feel confident that programs, while being unusual in presentation, will still address our mission.

     This is a special year for us because we’re celebrating the 60th anniversary of the inception of Pinefield Garden Club.  The club was established in 1960, and became part of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts in 1961. We are working on plans for a special celebration, hopefully in person and not via the computer screens.  In conjunction with the 60th anniversary celebration, we are in the process of beginning work on a Memorial Garden in Simpson Park, along the Sudbury River in North Framingham.  This garden will be filled with native plantings and will honor the memory of club members who have passed on.  We are hopeful the beautiful setting will appeal to the many residents who visit the park. 

     The club continues to work with the community by maintaining gardens at the Village Hall,  the Garden of Hope, (near Metrowest Medical Center) , as well as at Simpson Park.  We are feeling lucky that we have this community connection, and it’s been a nice relief over the summer to be able to work with several others at the gardens, while maintaining pandemic protocol.  We are welcoming the upcoming year with enthusiasm!